Beauty of the Fight Lives On!

Beauty of the Fight

Great News: John and Rick’s film BEAUTY OF THE FIGHT is available on DVD. Please see Beauty of the Fight to purchase.

I am very proud of this film. It had a tremendous run in the film festivals and is a gem of filmmaking artistry. My nephew, one of Jeanie’s sons,  John Urbano, is the Director and Photographer and Rick is the Script Consultant.  The last time we were in San Francisco was 3 years ago when Beauty of the Fight was being shown in the San Francisco Film Festival.  Even John’s father, Mike Urbano, who is TERRIFIED of flying, flew out from Indiana to San Francisco for the event!

Here is what Documentary Artist Heather Stewart says about Beauty of the Fight:

Awesome!!  Having seen a few docs during my time at Alpha Cine, I will say that this is one of the best docs I’ve ever seen.  Primarily because the film itself was an accident and there is a lot more emotion and “in the moment-ness” that other docs don’t have.  The music is also a driving force and helps to show the chaotic nature of the barrios.  Truly great film!

Click image above to enlarge.


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