San Francisco for Rick’s 60 Birthday

Here we are continuing to enjoy walking around and exploring this fascinating city.  Rick calls the shots this weekend.  That means shortly we will be doing a literary tour, which meets at City Lights Bookstore!  ….And thank you so much (from Rick) for all your lovely birthday wishes.  He is one of the most youthful 60 year-olds I know!

One of Seattle’s finest artists, Juliette Aristedes, has her work showing at John Pence Gallery here in San Francisco.  The opening night was last night and we were so excited to see that Juliette’s art opening in San Francisco coincided with our stay here.  The show is great and the gallery was packed last evening.

If figure model Randy is reading this, I must say, you have been immortalized by Juliette!  It was a surreal experience to see such a familiar figure (figure model-yogi Randy) so exquisitely rendered on canvas, framed and exhibited so perfectly at the John Pence Gallery.  Amidst the din of the gallery, I actually overheard two young women exclaim, “Oh, there’s Randy!”  I later found out they were Juliette’s students who came from Seattle to San Francisco for this art event.

I have put together a short slide show with 30 of my best photos from yesterday.  Be sure to view at FULL SCREEN Off to the literary tour!

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4 Responses to “San Francisco for Rick’s 60 Birthday”

  1. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    Fabulous way to celebrate in SF! I wish I had known, because I would have had you go to Rue St Jacques for dinner!! Look it up and it is NOT a tourist place,


  2. frangallo Says:

    Darn it, Nancy! I just looked it up on line and it does look mouth-watering delicious! Since they are only open for dinner, I have bookmarked it and will just have to wait until our next SF visit to go there. We will have the hotel hold our bags and bop around town again today. Our flight back to Seattle is much later today, so we have almost one more day here!


  3. Randy Says:

    A belated happy birthday to Rick. sounds like you both had a fabulous time; it’s especially nice that you were able to attend Juliette’s opening, and I’m sure she was happy to see you.


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