Weekend with Johnny

I am still enjoying my weekend with my nephew John!

All weekend I have silently spoken to Jeanie, thanking her for her wonderful gifts to the world:   her terrific sons John and Vince.

John is a great story teller, so Rick and I have been thoroughly entertained by John’s life stories all weekend.  I cooked up a storm and all were well fed.  We took some walks on the beach and soaked in the hot tub under the starry night.  John got to see the snowy owls!  The wind storm was even more ferocious than it was last week!

I am writing this as John is telling another story and my mind is half here with this blog post and half with him!  So I leave you with some photos from the weekend..and back to J’s fabulous life stories:

Johnny at Ocean Shores with Rick and Fran

The artist at work in the sandstorm

John's broad back: I took this while "drafting" behind him! He blocked out about 50% of the wind!!

Woodstove at Ocean Shores. This woodstove was a literal "housewarming gift" from my mom and dad. Everytime I make a fire, I think of them!

9 Responses to “Weekend with Johnny”

  1. marykay Says:

    Warming  head to toe
    Red hot, coal black, cast iron stove
    Firing heart & soul


  2. Nora Says:

    It felt so good to talk to all of you, felt as if I was there for a few moments, thanks for posting these photos, wonderful family time, and you know our Jeanie was there smiling down on you, love you, Nora


    • frangallo Says:

      It was super special having John with us. Rick and I are in John-withdrawal today. Yes, I felt Jeanie smiling at us. I heard myself giggle the way she would giggle when she was a teenager!
      She lives on through her sons and her granddaughters, for sure! love you, Fran


  3. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    May be one day, Ann and i will be able to meet John!!! Your weekend sounded delightful and creative…………always


    • frangallo Says:

      I know, Nancy! I thought of you as we soaked up his company. We whisked him away to the coast so we didn’t get much time in Seattle. You and Ann WILL meet him one day! love, Fran


  4. grace Says:

    Hello! We all miss you Fran, and I thought to visit your blog today. I love the Peru photos! Super amazing! Please post more. See you soon! grace


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