Day 4: My first healthy day in Cusco

It is 7:15 a.m. and I am sitting in the hotel lobby, the only hot spot in the hotel where I can connect to WiFi.  I woke up feeling GREAT.  It helped to sleep and sleep.  I am excited about this day ahead of us, mostly because I am feeling so good and I know everyone is going to be well rested.


I just reread my last blog and it dawned on me that we have only been together as a group for three full days!  Already, we have done and seen so much.  Though tired, most everyone is doing fairly well health-wise.  We decided as a group that everyone needs more rest and so everyone will get a chance to sleep in this morning.  Yoga will start an hour later. I am actually excited about the yoga session.  I know, just because I feel well doesn’t mean that I have to be extra vigorous today.  I am still being cautious because I do not want a recurrence of what I felt yesterday!

We had dinner at a restaurant last night that also had a dinner show of Peruvian folkloric dances.  The costumes were beautiful, the dancers young and vibrant.  It was so nice to watch and listen to the music.  If I were feeling 100%, I would have gone over to see the CD’s being sold and would have bought something.  I am sure there will be other opportunities to purchase Peruvian folkloric music.

During the tour I missed, the group found a Starbucks right here in Cusco!  They had coffee there and reported that it tastes just like Starbucks in Seattle!  I haven’t had a chance to look around much because of how I was feeling, but from what I have seen, Cusco is fascinating, ancient, clean, busy, and beautiful!  In a sense it feels a little like Kathmandu, mostly because of the air, the altitude (though Cusco is much higher in altitude and even more developed), the ancient structures, and the blend of the traditional lifestyle and the modern one.

There are these funny billboards (well, not so funny if you have altitude sickness) advertising Sorojche pills.  These pills are sold in all drugstores here and are easily available.  It’s what the Peruvians strongly urge you take to prevent nausea and headaches.  The billboard has a photo of a group of four standing at Machu Picchu, all smiling for a photo…except for one guy who is leaning over barfing.  The same huge photo was plastered on the airport walls and we all had a good laugh while collecting our luggage.  Ha, ha.  Ask me now and I will tell you that the ad is not funny!  The caption on the ad/billboards says in Spanish, English, and French, “Take Sorojche pills and avoid getting altitude sickness!”  And I do think that the Sorojche pill I took did finally have a positive effect on me.  So, I am a firm believer in this magic pill!

Below is a photo of our group at the restaurant built right at the edge of the ruins, Huaca Pucllana.  We dined outdoors and it was really a beautiful experience.  Excellent food and the ruins were lit up as were the faces of everyone at the table.  This was taken in Lima.

Our fantastic group!!

The above is a photo of us doing yoga in the 500 year old Olive Grove Park.  That was one of the most beautiful yoga sessions. The grass is called St. Augustine’s Grass and it is the softest grass in the world!

More later!


One Response to “Day 4: My first healthy day in Cusco”

  1. kay Says:

    Hi Fran! i’m glad you feel better. i just left Florida where St. Augustine grass is in the norm. how funny!


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