Fabulous Peru

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I have not been so great at blogging on this Peru Adventure.  And here we are wrapping up one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  There are many reasons why I have been so lame at blogging!  One is that our group is large and I am 100% absorbed by this beautiful community of 18 fantastic individuals.  We eat together, do yoga together, explore the Sacred Valley, the mountains, and ancient ruins together.  To write, I need space and alone time, but I choose to be with the group all the hours that I am awake.  I am absorbing and absorbing the community of our group, the gentle spirit of the Peruvian people, the breathtaking beauty of the varied landscapes and culture of this country, and I suppose the writing will come in retrospect when the journey is over!  On top of that, I was so sick in the high altitudes (for about half the trip) and had no energy to write.  One day, I was so ill that Marilyn and Doug had to teach the morning yoga class for me!!  On two other occasions, I sat up on the rooftop at our Cusco hotel, wrapped in a blanket, guiding the yoga class from a seated position. As I forced myself to do my best and teach from my low perch, I did not dare  move my body because my head would pound more violently and the waves of nausea would overcome me!   There were only four hearty souls among our group who did NOT get sick or feel the adverse effects of breathing in thin air:  Dayna, Colleen, Marilyn, and Marcia!   We have come across other groups who did absolutely fine with the high altitudes.  Regardless, whether we felt ill at high altitudes or not, all of us would agree that this journey has been most unbelievable incredible and inspirational!

The group has gifted me with a massage which is in a few minutes!!  I will post what I can now.   Later I will write more and there will be one slide show with the best of the best photos!!

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2 Responses to “Fabulous Peru”

  1. kay Says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your trip (and aren’t sick anymore!). Enjoy your group. we can wait for your adventures when you return!!
    love the pictures!


  2. marykay Says:

    Priorities straight
    Spectacular photos great
    Reunion hugs await!


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