My Little Bear

Today is our last day in Peru.  We all leave around midnight tonight.

Two days ago, Little Bear died at home in Rick’s arms.  When I left for Peru, I knew Little Bear was weak.  He had lost half his weight, was all bones, and only able to eat very little with much coaxing.  Still, I never Imagined that I would never see my furry friend again when I left.  Luckily, I was able to Skype Rick the night before Little Bear died.  Rick had been keeping me up to date on Bear’s rapidly declining health.  Rick held Little Bear to the camera so I could see him.  When I called out his name, his ears moved and, with great effort, he raised his head towards my voice.  I was lucky to have our wonderful group with me here in Peru.  There in Paracas, I felt their loving support as I  cried for the passing of the cat we nurtured and loved for 17 and a half years (we got him from PAWS when he was 3 months old).  I can’t even imagine coming home alone tomorrow afternoon to find the condo empty.  Rick will be in Port Townsend building a boat with his brother for the Row to Canada fundraiser.  He leaves the morning  I come home and I won’t see him for another week.  Luckily, Leslie has offered to come pick me up from the airport and I imagine I will ask her to come into the condo with me because I think it will be too much to bear the emptiness of my home.  Little Bear was always there to consistently greet me all these years (unless he was curled on the bed sleeping).  How I will miss his steadfast sweet presence.

Here are some photos of my Little Bear:

Belly Rub

Mr. Handsome

White Paws

Enjoying the sun at Ocean Shores (he loved the deck at Ocean Shores)


Mr. Green Eyes

A classic beauty

Cairn: Little Bear's grave at Ocean Shores.


4 Responses to “My Little Bear”

  1. Rick Says:

    That’s amazing, Frannie, because I named the stones The Bear Cairn!




  2. Helen Anne Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Little Bears passing. Losing our beloved pets is a great loss but in these days and weeks to come, think of the gifts he gave you. I’m sure many will make you laugh. They are our teachers in their own way. I truly believe it. So when you come home you will still feel his spirit roaming about the house and hopefully that will comfort you. Sometimes I think I hear old Poggie and it has been well over a year since he passed. Now I have Aisha and she is a dear sweet angel who has been incredibly healing for me these last few months. God has a special place for his creatures. They are with us for a little while to nurture our hearts and then they move on to the next place leaving us with their loving presence around us at all times.


  3. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    Little Bear will be dancing and smiling at you always in
    heaven with Angels at his feet and he will be happy and you will always feel his love.


  4. kay Says:

    all my love as you grieve little bear. blessings, healing, space.


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