And it’s back to Spring in Seattle.  Daffodils and some tulips are blooming.

I taught my first class this morning, and though it went well, I have to say that I am missing some of the unique experiences of doing yoga outdoors and indoors in Peru.  I miss yoga mixed with:

the sunsets in Paracas
the night sky with its thousands of stars
the shooting stars as we did yoga outside in the Paracas evening
the fresh air (even if thin at times)
the plush grass and thick olive tree  trunks in Lima
the warm temperatures that rendered our limbs and muscles elastic
the open spaces and various landscapes of beautiful Peru

the rushing and deafening river outside our yoga room at Aguas Caliente

The gentle-spirited people of Peru

our the warmth and kindness of our group

Below are photos featuring the fabulous group I traveled with and practiced yoga with for the past two weeks!  On our last evening in Paracas, Ericka asked everyone what the highlight of the trip was.  I have included their answers below (note to my fellow travelers:  I sometimes could not read my own writing from the notes I took that night. Hope this is accurate.)

The Gunnar Family: Amy, John, Jane, and Peter (at Love Park in Lima)

Our whole group having dinner at the restaurant built near the Huaca Pucllana (pre-incan) ruins.

Peyton and Denise. Peyton's highlight: "I'll never forget Machu Picchu as long as I live!" Denise's highlight: "Practicing yoga and learning more about yoga."

Doug and Debi. Doug's highlights: Seeing Machu Picchu, climbing to the top of Huayna Picchu, learning from our guide Alejandro, and seeing the marine life at Islas Ballestas. Debi's highlights: Finding her passport after accidentally leaving it behind, discovering a love for yoga.

Marcia and Fran. Marcia's highlights: The hotel by the River Urubamba in Aguas Caliente, the way the yoga sessions wrapped around each experience. Fran's highlights: being at Machu Picchu, climbing Huayna Picchu, being with the caring community of our group and the gentle people of Peru.

Colleen and Cathy. Colleen's highlights: doing yoga, visiting the floating islands of the Uros, seeing Peru through Ericka's eyes and having Ericka show us her country! Cathy's highlights: "Loved the "circle" we made in Moray at the very base of the agricultural circular fields when everyone held hands, climbing in high altitudes and feeling like my heart would explode, the colors of the alpaca wool at the weaving cooperative, doing a headstand!"

Koren, Ericka, Halina, and Fran at Huayna Picchu. Koren's highlights: Machu Picchu!, the boat ride and seeing the penguins at Islas Ballestas near Paracas. Ericka's highlights: Getting to know each participant on the trip, being with the group who allowed her to accommodate them. Halina's highlights: the morning in Machu Picchu (she got up super early and went to MP in the morning on her own on the second day!), yoga and being able to touch her toes for the first time, seeing shooting stars in Paracas while getting into shavasana!!!

Marilyn. Marilyn's highlights: Lake Titicaca and the visit to the floating islands, the boat trip to Islas Ballestas to see the marine life, and the yoga.

Dayna, Jenelle, and Marcia. Dayna's highlights: The hospitality of the Peruvians, seeing the diversity and all the richness the country has to offer, Machu Picchu, the river at Aguas Caliente, and the children!

Jenelle, Halina, and Marcia. Jenelle's highlights: the community we are with, the Sacred Valley, the many animals we met along the way.


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