Cat Prayer Flags

Cat-less: I never knew what an empty word that is.  It comes off the tongue choppy and awkward.

Bear-less: Like the word “unbearable”, this word denotes a state of existence one does not choose willingly.

Bottom line: I miss my Little Bear!  Reality has hit like a ton of bricks as I experience my first sunshine-drenched spring day of the year at Ocean Shores without Little Bear beside me as I garden, as I read on the sofa, and as I do my yoga on my worn mat.

We received a beautiful gift of Cat Prayer Flags from Julie and John!  I never knew such a thing existed.  Rick put up the prayer flags today near the Bear Cairn he built for Little Bear.  Our furry guy loved being here at Ocean Shores and his spirit will continue to grace this special sanctuary.  Below are some photos of the Cat Prayer Flags, as well as some poems Rick wrote for Little Bear throughout the years:

Kitty Prayer Flags!

Paw Prints on our hearts....thank you Julie and John!

Bear Cairn Memorial

The wind now gently blows across the prayer flags and reminds us of Little Bear's gentle spirit.

In Memory of Bear: Click once, and when image appears, click again to enlarge.

You can click once, then click again to enlarge. Rick's muse: Little Bear


2 Responses to “Cat Prayer Flags”

  1. kay Says:

    what a beautiful memorial to little bear! healing love to you and Rick!


  2. Says:

    this brought such tears to my eyes, for the loss of your little bear. Sending you a hug. love sis Zina


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