Sentinel Peak

Loving being here at Tucson!

I met the yoga group yesterday for the start of our yoga workshop here in Tucson.   We will all be together again from 9 to Noon today for yoga.   I really enjoyed meeting everyone and am enjoying leading the yoga workshop for this group of 14.  I will write about our yoga experience later.  For now, I want to post some photos I took yesterday in Tucson:

Tucson: This bird at the top of the saguaro cactus sang its heart out to it mate across the way. Its song was melodious and perhaps one of the most beautiful bird songs I have every heard.

Pink House

Light Play

Door Decorated with Saw Blades

Public Art

Bike Shrine

Bike Shrine close up! t is almost entirely made of bicycle parts. This shrine is dedicated to a person who was hit. It is a powerful site and structure. I stood in it and couldn't even read the name of the person to whom it is dedicated! All I could feel were the gusts of wind coming up out of nowhere, reminding me of the countless cyclists to whom this shrine is surely dedicated.

With the good weather here year round, Tucson has a very committed community of bike commuters and biking enthusiasts. El Tour de Tucson takes place here every November, drawing thousands of cyclists.

Bike Shrine and Sky


4 Responses to “Sentinel Peak”

  1. Rick Says:

    The blue, the colors, the warmth!



  2. kay Says:

    gotta get there someday! great pics!


  3. steve Says:

    That was probably a mockingbird. We love listening to theirs songs in palm springs. Thanks for sharing the sw flora and fauna.


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