Tucson Hatha Yoga Workshop

Jane did a fantastic job of organizing and pulling together a group of her friends here in Tucson for a two day Hatha Yoga Workshop!  I met Jane (who used to live in Ellensburg, WA) through Brian and Elizabeth at our annual Tumble Creek Yoga Workshops in Washington.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been invited to teach this week’s workshop.  Below are two group photos, one taken by Jane and the other taken by me with Jane in it! The group shots are followed by various photos of some of the yogis enjoying time together at the end of the workshop yesterday.

How do I describe the essence of this workshop?  It was designed for Jane’s Tucson friends, for people who are busy, for people to whom yoga is very important.  It would have been too hard for the workshop participants to take for a weekend away from their families, so the time frame we did worked out perfectly for them.  The group had mixed levels of yoga, yet everyone had a fair amount of yoga experience. The workshop wasn’t advertised.  Everyone who came had a connection to Jane.  They trusted Jane and knew they would be practicing yoga in a safe and supported environment.  My challenge was to be very intuitive in working with a group I had never worked with before, to provide safe alternatives for those with various injuries or physical conditions, as well as to provide a challenge to those who had the green light to explore the asanas and yoga practice at a deeper level.  We practiced at a beautiful studio called the Movement Shala.  The workshop was a great experience and I hope to offer it again next year!

Our lively group at the end of the workshop at the Movement Shala Studio in Tucson

The photo I took of the whole group with Jane (tallest kneeling person) and her wonderful friends who took the workshop!


2 Responses to “Tucson Hatha Yoga Workshop”

  1. Rick CLark Says:

    Great group!



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