Going with the Flow

Hello from Bavaria!

Huh?  You say, “Bavaria??”

Yup.  My flight route was Seattle-Amsterdam-Munich-Rome-Palermo.  I stopped in Munich, as planned, and took a train to the city center where I then caught a direct train to Sonthofen in the Bavarian Alps where Ursula and her sister Elsbeth picked me up and took me to the little village of Hindelang.  The next day, I finally caught up on my rest, logged on to my email and found out that John’s Sicily project (photography book that I am helping him produce) had to be cancelled-or postponed/being pushed forward to an unknown date.  And here I was en route to Italy and all was Kaput!

What happened is that John signed on with a NYC agent and suddenly, his career is taking off like a rocket.  The agency put him on an assignment right away to do a documentary in LA, working with some big name directors.  He told them he couldn’t start right away because of the Sicily project and that I and others working on the project were already en route to Palermo.  Never mind, they said.  If they were going to take John on, then he had to be prepared to take on this fabulous assignment they offered him.  They told him they would cover the pay I was supposed to get and that I am to send them an invoice.

Wow!  Our Sicily plans dashed just like that!  On the one hand, I felt disappointed that I wouldn’t get a chance to be assistant producer (yet), but I am thrilled for John!  This is really great news for his career.  I have been counseling him to get an agent and move to NYC and now it is really happening!  In his email to me, he expressed a deep concern that I would be upset with him and that he was afraid that this sudden change of plans would ruin our relationship.  This is the part that made me cry!  Nothing on earth could ruin my relationship with John.  He is such a part of me and I felt so sad thinking that he was waiting for my email response with this great fear in his heart.

I spent the next two days, making cancellations and flight changes, contacting people, and basically, unraveling all the work I did so far.

So here I am Going with the Flow in Bavaria in a little village called Hindelang nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains.  I am going to stay here with Ursula and Tom until May 18th and fly back home.  Though I am coming home early, I will keep my work schedule as is, going back to teaching as planned on Wednesday, May 30.  I will get a paid for stay-cation. Meanwhile, we are hiking every day!  Plenty of beautiful trails leading into the mountains.  Today, we got socked in with heavy rain.  I will send some more pictures soon!

Ah, Life!!!

Cat and Tulips

Bavarian Cow

View of the village I am staying in: Hindelang (seen from our hike)

Ursula points to home away from home.

Spring Fields

Spring in Hindelang

9 Responses to “Going with the Flow”

  1. Rick Says:

    Love the photos, Frannie, especially the one with the path!



  2. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    That’s the fashion/photograpy buisness for you!!! Anything can happen and “Anything goes” as Cole Porter said!


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Nancy, You are absolutely right (you and Cole Porter!) I am excited for John. He is also moving to NYC within the next three months. A great move for him! love, Fran


  3. marykay Says:

    What an amazing win-win!….marykay


  4. Bev Says:

    I just reread your blog and thought: Sometimes when people need a vacation, they just get sick. How wonderful for Fran that she did not get sick! She just got a sudden change of plans which gives her a (much needed?) vacation and also gives John a chance for his career to take off. I was touched, Fran, by your caring so much for John and his career. I hope to meet him someday. Again, enjoy your vacation. See you soon. Bev


    • frangallo Says:

      I never thought about things that way, Bev! So glad I didn’t get sick in order to get some time off! I hope you get to meet John someday, too! He usually flies in and flies out quickly in his jet-set way and when he leaves our house, I am left wondering if he really was here at all! My guess is that one day you will be meeting him at one of his future film openings! love, Fran


  5. joyce major Says:

    hmm….Sicily also said no to me on 2 different projects!? How lovely that you can learn more about Bavaria. I can feel the fresh air from here. The universe is such a trickster!


  6. enza00@aol.com Says:

    just heard about the canceled trip from sis Nora and about our nephews amazing offer! Ahh the twist & turns of life, embracing each and every moment, as you ”go with the flow” and what a beautiful flow it was!


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