A few more photos from Hindelang

Here are a few last photos from Hindelang taken this morning.  It was a brilliant sun-filled morning.  We took yet another path and enjoyed seeing chapels and churches along the way, fields in bloom with dandelions and other wildflowers.  The fresh air was intoxicating!

After our walk, I took the train to Munich and then transferred to another train heading for the airport.  Once at the airport, I figured out where the hotel shuttle bus comes once every half an hour and rolled my luggage to the hotel shuttle stop.  I was the first person in line.  Soon a very boisterous crowd of Italians lined up behind me.  From their conversations, I figured out that their flights had been delayed by 7 hours due to an airplane that emergency landed and shut down one major runway at the Munich airport.  They had been given a voucher to take this same shuttle bus and stay at the same hotel as me.  I should have been prepared for what came next!!!  The shuttle bus pulled up and the crowd became full-blown RUDE and aggressively shoved me to the side and elbowed their way onto the shuttle bus.  Honestly, who wants to vie with that crap?

Just as the shuttle bus drove away with those awful people (!), I was thinking that rather than waiting another 30 minutes for free shuttle service (who knows if another hoard of horrible people would shove me to the side again??), I would simply take a taxi to the hotel.  I would prefer that to becoming equally obnoxious as the group who just left  me in the dust.  In Malpensa, Milan,  I have had to do as the locals do in order not to miss my flight and it is not  fun!  Just as I was thinking this through, a very polite German pilot in uniform came up to me and said he saw what had just happened and would I like to share a taxi with him to the hotel?  So that’s what we did, shared a taxi, and I am now comfortably ensconced at the Sheraton Munich Airport Hotel.

Thank goodness for kind people!

Ah, back to the photos:

I’m pretty sure this  is Little Bear’s German cousin, Fritz!

Another beautiful church in Catholic Bavaria. I love the shape of the church, the mountains just beyond and the air that you can almost taste!

Reflections in a pond

Lead windows inside a chapel (looking out into the fields from within the chapel where Ursula lit candles)

Another lead window from within this old chapel in beautiful Catholic Bavaria (looking out towards a white house)


One Response to “A few more photos from Hindelang”

  1. kay Says:

    what a crazy chain of events that kept you in Bavaria! right down to the trip to the airport. i am glad you found a kind stranger to usher you out and a kind friend to host you while you were there.


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