Yoga Love Story

So have you ever wondered if you can meet the love of your life in a yoga class?  In all these years of teaching yoga, I can happily say that, yes, it has happened!  There was one couple who met at a bus stop on their way to my yoga class back when I was teaching at NIAOM in Fremont.  Their bus stop encounter was just the beginning. Love blossomed in class and after class.  Today they are married and have four children.

Way back when I was still fairly new to yoga, one day my yoga buddy (she and I always went to class together) didn’t show up so I did the class without her.  After class, as I was putting my shoes on, one of the guys in class (the most handsome one) asked me if I’d like to join him and a few others from class for a bite to eat at the cafe next door.  I said yes and I thought to myself, “Why oh why isn’t my girlfriend here tonight??”  She was single.  He was single.  And I felt this strong impulse to be a matchmaker!  More than once throughout our after class gathering, I thought to myself, “She’s got to meet him!  This guy’s the one!”  The following week, they met in class and if there had really been sparks flying, all present would be singed!  Yeah!  I didn’t have to say a word.  It just happened.  Their love was strong.  Unfortunately, their love story is a sad one.  He was hit by a car and died instantly a little over a year into their relationship. It was a special love while it lasted. Today my yoga-buddy girlfriend is happily married and a mother to a beautiful boy.

There are countless other beautiful Yoga Love Stories.  I suppose the following one is a loose “yoga love story” of sorts, but I still find it really romantic and yoga related.  This couple, Lena and Brandon met while Lena was on her way to a yoga retreat I was giving in Montanta at Walking Lightly Ranch!  Lena and Brandon are getting married next month, so I just had to include their story here!

Lena is the center tree!!! (read her love story below!)

This was written by Brandon and posted on their wedding website:

We met on a plane flight from JFK airport to Minneapolis just before Memorial Day weekend 2008. Lena was on her way to Montana for a Yoga retreat with her father. Brandon was traveling alone to a friend’s wedding. He was wearing his catering tux on the plane so it didn’t get wrinkled. They didn’t speak for most of the flight.
Brandon noticed that Lena was reading a New Yorker article he had already read about hangovers and struck up a conversation. Lena had noticed Brandon had been watching a documentary about Kurt Cobain and Aberdeen, WA. Soon Brandon was asking for explanations about Lena’s research and Lena was drawing on napkins. They were totally locked in conversation until it was time to walk off the plane, and they said goodbye without exchanging info.
Brandon found himself thinking about her as he sat at the wedding he was attending (drinking by himself.) “I should have gotten her email,” he thought to himself, “I’ll never see her again.” The following Tuesday, on her way back to NYC, Lena landed in Minneapolis and her second flight was delayed. She was sitting on the floor next to an outlet for her laptop, near some vending machines near the gate. She heard a voice. “Lena!” Brandon said. “I thought I’d never see you again!” Brandon had an empty seat next to him on the plane, and they sat together once the plane was at cruising altitude. This time, when they landed, they exchanged email addresses.

Know any Yoga Love Stories??? Please share them in your comments below….


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    so very cool!


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