Ebey’s Landing

I went hiking on Whidbey Island today at Ebey’s Landing.  It was a cool, overcast day, but a very pleasant hike.  I went with Bev and her friend, Cheryl.  They are part of a hiking group and go somewhere beautiful to hike or snowshoe (depending on the season) every Tuesday!

Enjoy photos from today’s hike.  It’s a relaxing evening for me and back to teaching tomorrow!

Ebey’s Landing State Park on Whidbey Island

Cheryl and Bev. They are part of a hiking group that goes hiking or snow shoe-ing every Tuesday. Today was a treat for me to join the two of them as I am usually teaching on Tuesdays!

Looks like a painting!

Bench and View


Bev stops to take a photo from the bluff!

Fields of kale going to seed (for seed production)

Lovely wild lupine

Lilacs in a vase at the Knead and Feed Cafe


One Response to “Ebey’s Landing”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks Fran!
    Never saw kale going to seed before.


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