10 Reasons Why I LOVE India!

This blog entry was written on June 2, 2012.   Obviously, as seen from the title, I love India.  And, I love the responses I got from this blog post.  Two of the responses, from Indian nationals who stumbled upon this blog post, are very moving.  Here is one, from someone I never met.  It is so darned sweet, it moves me every time I read it:

I love you man! I have been in States for four years, I feel like crying every time I remember my India.  May you have an amazing life life like no one else ever had!  I love you!!!!

And the following response really made me happy.  India gets a BAD rap from the news media!  We hear much negative news coming from India. To be fair, bad things happen even in our own country!  And many good things happen, too, in our own country and in India.  Below, this person is appreciative because I honestly have good things to say about my experience in India:

I feel happy to read this blog. Finally I hear a foreigner saying good about my country India. Thanks a lot for visiting India and I am happy that you loved your trip to this country. I am an artist from South India. Try to visit southern part of India in your next trip and I hope you will enjoy the culture followed in South India as well 🙂

So I am inspired to re-post this particular blog from 2012!  Together with Spiritual India Journeys (http://www.spiritualindiajourneys.com/), I will offer yet another tour with daily yoga (taught by me) in Spring 2016 (March 19-April 3, 2016) !  This time our tour takes us to South India.  Can’t wait!   If you are interested, please contact me and sign up before the end of this month.   The photos below reflect Delhi and Rajasthan.  Photos reflecting South India will be posted next Spring while I am there!

10 Reasons Why I Love India!

  • I love the great diversity of the people of India-ethnic, cultural, linguistic, historical, and religious diversity.  People in India are very curious and friendly.  The language that unifies all of India is English, making it a bit easier to navigate your way through India and connect with various people you meet along the way.

Man in Delhi

  • Because it’s so deep and so rich, you can’t get to the bottom of India.   You can see customs, rituals, and artifacts over 5000 years old.  India is mother to yoga, which is also over 5000 years old.  When I practice yoga in India, I feel like I am merging with an ancient force that I do not yet fully comprehend.   Yoga has always been a powerful practice for me and that experience seems to be intensified ten-fold in India!  If you love yoga, you must experience yoga in India!

Shavasana in India!

Meaning behind the eyes of Shiva: The Eyes of Shiva destroy all that is dualistic. The powerful gaze of Shiva annihilates evil. The eyes represent “all seeing wisdom”.

  • India pulses, surges, vibrates, and makes you feel alive.  Arriving in India, more than any other country, you feel you’ve entered a strange and wonderful world.  Your senses are overloaded with colors, shapes, sights, sounds, smells, tastes!

Sunrise boat tour along the Ganges River, watching the most ancient of the world’s cities awaken to honor the river goddess, Ganga.

  • The richest and the poorest live side by side.  Our minds, which are normally orderly, are trying to classify, try to make sense of it all.  In the process, suddenly you can’t help but let go.  In India, we abandon ourselves to a pure non-analytical experience.  You end up opening yourself up to something entirely different. India breaks you out of any need to cling to order and predictability.
  • India is a photographer’s paradise.  I saw so many beautiful faces, smiles, fabrics, colorful clothing, textiles, patterns, ancient and intriguing temples, and temple art.

It’s like…I can’t believe I took this photo!  She is so beautiful and lights up the place!

A photographer’s dream: Bharatapur/Keoladeo Bird Reserve, India

Keoladeo National Bird Park!

  • Shopping in India is fun.  You can bargain for the right price and everyone comes out happy.  The range of items that can be bought from carvings, textiles, fabrics, jewelry, to clothing items is mind boggling.

This guy could sell a camel in Seattle! He was that good. Plus, his merchandise was exquisite.

  • India is changing faster than any other country in the world!  Internet and high tech companies are springing up everywhere. India boasts one of the largest movie industries in the world.  People are excited about these changes and hopeful for a  more thriving economy.

Going downtown? Camel, sir? Or motorbike? Camel cheaper, sir. Motorbike faster.

  • People live and breathe their spirituality.  The idea of the divine exists everywhere in their lives and permeates every moment of the day.  Ritual marks most every aspect of their lives and it is fascinating to watch.

Aarti- the nightly ritual of saying goodnight to Mother Ganga (the Ganges River is seen as the Great Mother) in Varanasi

Smoke/incense represents the element AIR. All elements are offered to the great Mother Ganga, the source of all life.

  • The concept of “Family” is ever so strong in India.  Families are loving and warm.  Children are respectful of their elders. The family unit is strong.  Children are ADORABLE!

So beautiful!

This little girl was with her brother and daddy.

Happy faces peek out from the back of a van.

  • I can’t believe I am saving food for last!  Indian food rocks!  It is so tasty and a total feast for your taste buds.  As long as you drink filtered bottled water  (that means brushing your teeth and rinsing using bottled water and not letting the shower water get in your mouth!!!) and eat at restaurants where your food is carefully prepared (as we do on all of our the tours), your tummy will be happy and your taste buds will celebrate the foods of India!

A melange of heavenly tastes!

Pureed Spinach! My favorite of all Indian dishes!


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21 Responses to “10 Reasons Why I LOVE India!”

  1. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    I was a guest of the Sarabhai family in Ahmedabad. Their home was done by Le Corbusier. The Calico museum is where my friend
    grew up which was their home before the Le Corbusier home. I had a private Yoga lesson everyday outside the lani. He taught all the
    Sarabhai family. Ask our guide about tje Sarabhai family


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I will see Arvind this evening for dinner and will certainly ask him if he knows the Sarabhai family! I know they were really gracious hosts for you when you stayed in India!!


  2. sourabh Says:

    I love you man! I have been in States for 4 years, I feel like crying every time i remember my India, may you have a amazing life life like no one else ever had I love you!!!!


  3. Robert Says:

    hi frangallo,
    talk abt having ur cake & eating it too…! u seem to be loving ur trips to india & also making a living out of it. liked the article & here is my take on “why i love India” but from a different perspective. (www.thedsilvadiaries.com/why-i-love-inda)


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Robert! I am very lucky to now have a 10 year India tourist visa so I can go every year to take groups and to show others your beautiful country! I had a look at your blog site and I really like what you have written. I commented on your post.


  4. Cultural tours in India Says:

    I really want to see such more posts in future. Excellent post!


  5. vibhor Says:

    hi, i just read the blog & trust me being an indian it feels so good to know that at least some people around the world really do love our country… reading such a beautiful post filled me with pride. I know india has many flaws which makes it a target of criticism.. but then, flaws are a part of everything. I’m so glad you described india so elegantly. Thank you. 🙂


  6. imperialvoyagesdelhi Says:

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    Liked by 1 person

  7. subi Says:

    I feel happy to read this blog. finally i hear a foreigner saying good about my country India. Thanks a lot for visiting India and am happy that u loved ur trip to this country. I am an artist from south India. Try to visit southern part of India in your next trip and i hope you will enjoy the culture followed in South India as well 🙂


  8. frangallo Says:

    Reblogged this on FranGallo's Blog.


  9. dalai Says:

    india is the best country . i can’t tell about it. u should visit india


  10. Anindya Anuradha Says:

    I am an ophthalmologist, done my fellowship from Toroto. I have been always blamed by my husband for loosing the golden opportunity to stay back in Canada. However, I can never explain him how much I love India and want to serve the poor Indians. Your writing made me cry..I assured myself ” I was not wrong”. I hope I will take 100 births in this beautiful country.


  11. Ajinkya Tour Says:

    I can never explain him how much I love India…



  12. Sanghamitra Says:

    Wow I’m honestly feeling so happy right now…I’m so glad you enjoyed your tour to India and you’re always very much welcomed here and thank you so so so much for the feedback it really means a lot.Love you 😘


  13. Amrit kaur Says:

    I love India…!


  14. Radhara Says:

    I fell in love with India 35 years ago. Even though I am American and was living in USA at the time, I left American culture and have lived an Indian lifestyle ever since. I practice Hinduism. I am a Ganesha devotee. Ganesha is my all in all. I spend most of my time in the Indian area of my city. I go to Ganesha temple at least 3-4 times a week. I cook Indian food, never very good at it. I love bhajan, Indian classical music, shenai, tabla, sitar, sarod, bansuri, garba, some bollywood. I wear salwar kameez, or long skirt and shirt with dupatta. I do mantra, sadhana at home. My altar with Krishna-Radha and Ganeshji (my all in all). Try to read Gita, books by my Guruji-Swami Ramdas. He wrote “In Quest of God”. Now I try to learn Hindi so I can talk to friends I meet. My one friend says that I probably had past lives in India. I am so grateful to have found this. Its brought me so much happiness. If I am upset or don’t feel good, I just play some bhajan and I get an instant lift out of a bad mood. I think of Ganeshji and all the help he has given me and that I love him so much. The only problem I have had is when I meet other Americans and they talk to me about American movies, tv programs, rock music, books. Mainstream American stuff and I don’t know what they are talking about. Sometimes I get criticized or put down. I learned to avoid those situations. I ended friendships with Americans who were constantly criticizing me. The American friends I have now sometimes listen to Indian music with me, go with me to Indian stores and restaurants and sometimes to the Ganesha Temple


  15. Uttaran Chowdhury Says:

    Very happy to hear about the words that you said about my country .I feel proud on my country INDIA. JAI HIND!!!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🌷🌹🌹🌹🌷🤓🤓🤓😔


  16. 10 Reasons Why I LOVE India! | schlaflosinwien Says:

    […] via 10 Reasons Why I LOVE India! — FranGallo’s Blog […]


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