Relaxing weekend at the coast

I am forever amazed by the beauty of Ocean Shores.  We had friends Betty and Richard, Sean and Delcia out for the weekend.  We relaxed, enjoyed walking on the beach and taking in the beauty of the wild Washington coast.  It was fun to share the weekend with them!

It’s June 4th, but it is still cool.  We have a special word for June here in the NW Washington:  Junuary!   It’s 54 degrees F and tomorrow’s high will be 57 F.   I feel bad for Arvind!  Can you imagine?  He just arrived last night from Varanasi where it is very very hot.  In fact, May and June are the hottest months in India.  We had dinner with him tonight and guess what?   He wore a coat and a wool hat and kept them on as he ate dinner!  It is so great to see him, coat, hat, and all.  I will post photos from tonight later!

Here are some photos from our weekend at the coast.

Rick, Sean, and Richard Walking

Rick and me

Friends on Log

Junuary at Ocean Shores:  Delcia, Sean, Betty, Rick, Richard


Gooseneck Barnacle I

Gooseneck Barnacle II (the seagulls were feasting on a cluster of these)

Sheer Beauty


Richard relaxing on wings of driftwood

Richard and Betty


Ocean Shores loveliness

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