Reunion at Marcia’s on Whidbey Island

Yesterday Dayna, Marilyn, and I carpooled together to the ferry terminal.  We parked the car and went on the ferry as foot passengers.  On the ferry, we met up with Doug and Debi and sat together.  The half hour ferry ride went by in a flash!  Marcia was waiting for us once we got to Whidbey Island and took us to her beautiful home nestled in the woods in Clinton.  I had a really nice time with the Peru Tour participants who were able to attend the reunion. Once at Marcia’s home, we were joined by Peyton, Denise, Ericka, Shel, and Shel’s nephew, Kevin.

It seemed the day went by very quickly.  Somehow I didn’t get any pictures of the whole group.  We had a fabulous lunch.   Everyone brought something along to add to the meal  and Ericka made pisco sours!  Marcia outdid herself with a fabulous Beet Gratin (you have to love beets to appreciate this culinary delight), quinoa salad, and cabbage salad.  She also picked up tamales from a local tamale vendor (Tres Gringos), which were quite good!

Here is the day in photos!  Thank you, Marcia, for hosting our Peru trip reunion!  I wish the entire group could have been together for the event, but that would be difficult considering that some live in other states and in Canada!  We missed those of you who were not there!

Best shower on Whidbey! Marcia’s home is beautiful and artistically designed to integrate the forest with the interior of her home.

The meditative calm of Buddhism is very much a part of Marcia’s home, as well as being an integral part of her life.

Deck, Stone, Chairs, and Foxglove

Much talk about these fabulous foot massages in the International District! Got to go!

Calming Gardens at Marcia’s on Whidbey!

A walk on the beach…flags up and ready for the 4th of July!

Dayna, Marcia, and Marilyn


Inviting Chairs

Marcia’s peaceful garden

Love this Monkey-Bear guy  (hands and feet of a monkey but he’s got no TAIL!!)


One Response to “Reunion at Marcia’s on Whidbey Island”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Wow my place looks better in your photos than in person! Thanks so much for capturing the warm spirit of the gathering. Marcia


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