Riding the Burke Gilman Bike Trail

Today was a fine day in Seattle!  Temperatures reached 85 degrees and I had a wonderful time walking around Fremont (my neighborhood) where I went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Canal Street Coffee, strolled the Fremont Market, and stopped in at PCC.  On these warm days, I crave fruit, so I bought lots of fruit.  Then I had to haul every thing back UP Phinney Ridge by foot.  After I drank water and cooled down, I hopped on my bike and rode 20 miles on the Burke Gilman Bike Trail.  I actually thought to bring my camera and put together the collage below.

The rowing crew made their Canadian destination yesterday.  Not sure when I will see Rick.  He will be staying at Geoff’s cabin tonight and then he will haul his boat to Ocean Shores tomorrow.  Up to date, the rowers have raised $7560!!  It is really an outstanding feat they accomplished for such a wonderful cause.  Donations are still being accepted.

Here is the collage I put together from my ride today:


4 Responses to “Riding the Burke Gilman Bike Trail”

  1. Nikoel Says:

    It was really gorgeous yesterday! I walked the dogs at Seward Park and we took a dip in the lake at every little beach we passed.


  2. Teresa Says:

    Hi Fran,

    I love doing that trail too. I was there on Saturday afternoon! Went to the free yoga at Sculpture Park. Around 300 people. Amazing!


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