Tumble Creek Annual Yoga Workshop

For five years in a row now, I have held yoga workshops at Tumble Creek near Cle Elum, Washington.  The workshops are generally attended by 12-14 wonderful people who live full time or part time at Tumble Creek, a 2600-acre community adjacent to Suncadia.  They are a lovely and lively group and over the course of two days, we practice yoga in  the most perfect setting for a workshop!

This year’s workshop took place this past weekend on Friday, August 24 and on Saturday, August 25.  It was a satisfying yoga teaching experience.

Cle Elum, Suncadia, and Tumble Creek  are on the “other side” of the mountains. The “other side” means east of the mountains, outside of the rain clouds that get trapped between the Olympics and the Cascades and dump light to heavy rain fairly consistently on Seattle for most of the year.  The “other side”, in my humble opinion, is paradise because it is sun drenched and  filled with  pine forests which cast their scent and add to the sensual intoxication of being in a beautiful wooded setting.

Elizabeth Frederick organizes the workshops at Tumble Creek.  She does an amazing job and tends to each and every detail.  I am in awe of her organizational skills and her talent for bringing together a fabulous group of friends who love the art and discipline of the yoga practice.  Elizabeth and her husband Brian host us (Rick-if he attends- and I) and take care of us during the workshops.  They are both very strong in their yoga practice.  I am ever so grateful to Elizabeth for her efforts at making this workshop happen annually, to both Elizabeth and Brian for making us feel at home at their home, and to the entire group for helping to make this past weekend workshop so special!

I was busy teaching and really didn’t take many photos to capture the varied postures and the strong level of practice of the majority of participants  (we had one true beginner and she did amazingly well!).  Nor did I capture the flow of energy  we all experienced.   However, here are some photos from the weekend workshop/retreat:

Pair Work

More pair work (the only time I have time to grab my camera?)

Mary Jo stretching her neck!

Mary Jo relaxes in Shavasana.

Some of the group gathers for lunch: Lolo, Fran, Sigrid, Mary Jo, and Elizabeth.


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