Fleeting Moments of Summer

Already, today is September 1st!  It is so hard to say goodbye to summer.  I love summer and certainly don’t get enough of it.  Most of June was cold and rainy.  Every June, I forget that summers start late here and that cool temperatures are the norm in Seattle and I get antsy, craving  sun and warmth.   As usual, summer officially began after the 4th of July.

Last Tuesday, I held the last Yoga in the Park session for Summer 2012.

freedom, gratitude, fresh air, children laughing and playing, dogs running around, the unfortunate discovery (for those who place their mats there) of dog-poo deposited near our yoga circle, rustling leaves, clouds, breeze, shade, sunshine, clover, grass, circle of good people experiencing a peaceful moment in time

After our session, Larry pointed out the leaves on one of the trees which were starting to turn red.  Meridian Park used to be part of an apple orchard belonging to the Good Shepherd Center (which in 1907 was a Roman Catholic Home run by sisters who took care of 125 “fallen girls and women”, less lovingly referred to as “wayward girls”).  Some of those old craggy apple trees still stand, heavy with apples.  I noticed the apples almost ready to be picked.  We can’t help but be reminded of the fleeting moments of summer and the tell-tale signs of autumn.

The class runs from 6-7 pm and we had a potluck afterwards from 7-8 pm as we always do for our last class of the summer.  The sun sets earlier and there is a chill in the air as everyone reaches for their jackets.  We eat and drink our shared meal with gusto.  Here are some photos from last Tuesday’s last session and potluck (very short slideshow):

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2 Responses to “Fleeting Moments of Summer”

  1. enza00@aol.com Says:

    i don’t know how you did it, but that was the coolest slideshow !


  2. frangallo Says:

    HI Zina, Smilebox is super cool! I have a subscription to it and it is so worth while. I found the butterfly design premade while looking at the “Summer Themes”. I instantly loved it! With the subscription, I can add my own music and make an unlimited number of slideshows, DVD’s, posts to fb or my blog. It is super and I love it.


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