Simone’s Dahlias

Rick and I had dinner with Don and Simone on Tuesday evening.  We ate outdoors surrounded by  lush greenery and  dinner-plate-sized dahlias.   Must must must plant some dahlias next year!

Simone and her Dahlias

like fireworks!

eye of the storm of color

happiness is a big fat dahlia

Collage from our evening at Don and Simone’s


5 Responses to “Simone’s Dahlias”

  1. Jeanne Zehrer Says:

    Fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing. Jeanne Z.


  2. marykay Says:



  3. Nancy Regensburg Says:

    Absolutely EXQUISTIC!!!!


  4. britt Says:

    Beautiful pics. I was there last weekend and tried to capture those amazing dahlias with my iPhone–didn’t work. Their garden is so inspiring.


    • frangallo Says:

      I was on my way to Seattle Athletic Club today (which is near Pike Place Market) and ran into Jayne who reads my blog and she said, “Fran! Hi! I have to tell you…I’m a big FAN of DAHLIAS! Simone’s dahlias are beautiful. Actually, I am on my way to the market to buy some dahlias NOW! Thanks for posting those beautiful photos.” Dahlia magic!


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