Hope you’re not too hungry!

Sometimes I feel it is too much of a hassle to tell people my food preferences. I normally don’t say anything and can usually work around the meat when served at someone’s home.  Elisabetta asked me (about two hours before dinner) if Marilyn and I eat “everything” and I said, “Well, I eat fish, but I don’t eat meat.”  She gave me the same look as when I asked her how many cats she has.  Then I added, “Please don’t worry about me.  I can work my way around meat.”  Then I had to explain that I am not really vegetarian because if I were,  I wouldn’t eat fish or eggs, and that, indeed, I do eat fish and eggs.

To my surprise, tonight at dinner, Elisabetta served me a delicious vegetarian meal!  We were both served pasta with a delicious tomato and basil sauce.   Next, Marilyn was served rabbit (oh, am I happy I told Elisabetta my food preferences) and I was served roasted zucchini and onions from Elisabetta and Sandro’s garden and a slice of cheese and a handful of their home grown green olives!

My mantra for this evening:  Olive Oil is Green Olive Oil is Green Olive Oil is Green Ommmmm

I am taking advantage of having some time on my hands to blog and post pictures!  I know I will be challenged for blog-time once Saturday comes along.  So enjoy these few additional photos from today:

Umbria: evening sky at 7:30 pm on our way to dinner!


pasta gone

Vino di San Giovese

Grilled zucchini and onions with hunk of cheese


6 Responses to “Hope you’re not too hungry!”

  1. Kathleen Conroy Says:

    Fran – Your photos are fabulous. What sort of camera are you shooting with? Glad to hear your trip is off to such a great start.


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Kathleen, I use a Leica D-Lux 3 and I love it. I take a lot of photos so with time, my photo taking skills are improving. Off to a number of meetings and last minute shopping for the retreat today!!!
      love, Fran


  2. Tina Says:

    Ditto – fab photos! I’m like you — fish and eggs — and if someone served me a bunny for dinner, I’d lose my lunch!


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Tina, I think you can see my reply to Kathleen above re: camera. Yeah, the bunny-on-the-pate was a bit much! Even Marilyn groaned when she realized what “coniglio” translates to! I wondered about those cute pigs on the farm and I said to Marilyn, “I am going to ask Elisabetta if they make their own prosciutto!” and Marilyn said, “PLEASE, don’t ask her before dinner….ask her afterwards. I don’t want to hear the answer.” And I did find out (after dinner) that yes, just as I suspected, they make their own prosciutto here.


  3. steve Says:

    Here’s to fish and eggs. And tomato/ basil pasta,wow

    We just finished harvesting our large Italian plum tree (5 five gallon buckets full), so I was glad to see an Italian plum on the breakfast plate in the last post.

    Have a nice food…. I mean yoga retreat!


  4. Robin Steckler Says:

    I agree, no Bugs Bunny for me. So Fran, if you eat fish and eggs do you eat fish eggs? Ha-Ha.


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