Rosa Canina Agriturismo in Umbria!

Marilyn and I arrived in Milan late yesterday, very tired after hours of travel,  ready to get a bite to eat and go to bed!   Thank goodness we were as tired as we were because our apartment in Milan was on the noisiest street in the city and I was able to fall asleep after every tram went by or after the 5 a.m. glass recycle trucks went by.

After a coffee this morning, we left for the Milan train station and got on our train to Perugia.  On the train, we met several people, including Lovely Rita from Lucca, who is studying to be…a yoga instructor!

Once in Perugia, our friend Daniela came to greet us with her friend Donna and our driver, Gianni.  Gianni drove us to Rosa Canina, our countryside guest house, farm, olive and almond groves run by Elisabetta.  Gianni will take us to our meetings tomorrow to meet our chef and the manager of the villa for the retreat.  I have lots to do tomorrow in preparation for the retreat (!!!), so it is nice to be in such a quiet rustic setting right now.  This is a working farm, complete with lambs, pigs, hens and a rooster, and horses.  There are also a number of cats and two dogs.  I asked Elisabetta how many cats there are and she gave me a funny look and did not answer me.  I have since counted at least 12 of them!  I have a feeling she doesn’t know how many there are.

Best photos of today are below and I am including a small slide show to give you a flavor of this beautiful countryside in Umbria, Italy, about 5 minutes from the villa where the retreat will take place.

I just KNOW this guy is going to wake us up early tomorrow morning! He’s quite handsome, isn’t he???

Italian kitty!

Dinner will be served here this evening…

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6 Responses to “Rosa Canina Agriturismo in Umbria!”

  1. Nikoel Says:

    That cat even *looks* Italian somehow!

    That rooster is very handsome and very serious. Great picture!


  2. Rick Says:

    Hey, some nice shots there, Fran! Off to a strong start!



  3. frangallo Says:

    Esta, guess who found the Rosa Canina? Marilyn’s friend Daniela found it for us. We just got back from dinner and had a delightful conversation with our hosts! love, Fran


  4. Joe Stapinski Says:

    I love the picture of the Rooster (and the countryside)….sure to wake you up early.



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