Day One Yoga Retreat in Umbria!!!!

Ciao a tutti!!
So busy and so hard to write about everything.  In short, the retreat is going amazingly well.  The gruppo is fantastico!  Super fantastico.  The villa is a complete dream.  It is a 15th century tower lookout and home made completely renovated.   The group arrived safely on Saturday and we whisked them to paradise.

Our chef has been making the best of the best food, the wine is great, lots of yoga outside and today’s session was inside.  We are taking off for Isola Maggiore and Assisi today.  Our driver arrived early and our chef, Massimiliano told me, “Don’t worry.  I will feed him while you do yoga and he will be fine waiting for you!”

I will let the photos show you the experience.  One thing for sure, I have never had a yoga retreat abroad in which every single person shows up on time for every single yoga session.  It is a pure joy for me to be immersed in this experience.  My sister, Nora, is here at the retreat and it is like a dream to have her here.

Every here keeps asking me, “Did you send your blog?”  Their families await and so here I go….

with love, from Italia!!!!

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7 Responses to “Day One Yoga Retreat in Umbria!!!!”

  1. esta dejong Says:

    I am with you vicariously. What a wonderful experience. I think of all that fabulous food and my mouth is watering. Those rolls with the poppy seeds, my favorite and of course, the pasta. Ciao Bella. Esta


  2. kay Says:

    wowie! I am so delighted for you all!! was that you in tortoise pose? it’s something to shoot for!


  3. Rick Says:

    Wow. The villa, the help, the group, the food, the yoga, all look fabulous!



  4. Leslie Leonetti Says:

    Laurie’s sister here…trying to experience a little of this spectacular journey with her. How gorgeous is that place, how mouth-watering the food? I will dream of Italy tonight.


  5. Joe Stapinski Says:

    THanks for sharing the pictures of the yoga sessions, grounds and all the wonderful looking food- made me hungry and craving Aunt Lilly’s cooking. Glad to see you and mom made it safe and sound.


  6. Misty Says:

    The retreat looks Amazing!


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