New post from today…another slide show!  Enjoy..

everyone had a fantastic time at the winery…some went on to the cashmere shop..some came back for yoga!  I was so impressed.  Our yoga session was held indoors since it was raining out.  I placed my mat in the double door way leading from the huge entry way to the double living rooms (formal living room with fire place and white sofas to the second  informal living room with piano and softer sofas.  Then I wove my way from room to room so that I could see everyone.  It seemed to work out really well.

Well everyone has gone to bed.  The chef and his staff have left and the kitty has come to lie next to me while I tap out these few words.  The cat rarely comes in the house, but I guess she realizes that everyone has gone to bed and so she can roam freely at night.

How I love Italy!  How I love sharing this beautiful country and the beautiful people and culture of Italy with the group.

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7 Responses to “Perugia!!!”

  1. Leslie Leonetti Says:

    O Dio Mio!! Cashmere, chocolate, coffee, Furla, spumante, pizza, outdoor lunch cafes, I can hardly stand how much fun this is. so happy that you are sharing this with us Fran. As you can see, I look at every picture and sigh, drool or applaud!! Whee!


  2. Esta dejong Says:

    Once again, I am with you in spirit. What a journey.


  3. Helen Anne Says:

    I love Baci’s!! Hard to find here unless you know where to go. Beautiful photos Fran. You really capture the essence of Italia!


  4. Rick Says:

    The senses reel! Totally rich with the feel of the place. Nice work, Frannie!



  5. Meredith Says:

    Fran- love the blog. It looks like a beautiful trip. Please have Cathy email me before she leaves…


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Meredith, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I wanted! I will catch up and post more pictures after I get home on Oct 4th. The retreat was a great success and it was a pleasure to have your mom there! What a beautiful gift you gave her (and what a beautiful gift your mother is!!)! I hope she and your dad are having (had) an amazing time in Rome and Florence. love, Fran


  6. Joe Stapinski Says:

    Love the pictures with the music and that someone else still calls you Frannie! 🙂



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