Taormina, Sicily

Sitting in the only WiFi Hot Spot in the city of Taormina, the Osteria of Taormina.  Nora and I arrived yesterday and we have had an amazing day!  It is surprisingly HOT today…feels like it’s in the 90’s.  Perhaps it reached 100 today?  We took a long hike to the mountain top of the town Castel Mola where my friend Riccardo lives.  He and his family own a pizzeria and they are the warmest, most beautiful people I know here.  We had a great time visiting them.

I will tell of our adventure in photos.  We have all of tomorrow here and then on Thursday we make our way to our home village of Grotte where we will be coddled by our aunts, uncles, and cousins!
It is taking a long time for the side show to download…meanwhile, a funny story.  Nora and I were just reminiscing about the time I was in my parents’ village of Grotte visiting my dad’s first cousin, Ballasaro (that’s Baltazar in English, one of the three kings).  My dad’s family is a bit on the serious side, unlike the Licata side (ma’s family) who are sort of wild, crazy, and funny.   I was visiting my dad’s family with Rick when this incident occurred…my dad’s cousin’s wife asks me during a silent moment (in front of her whole gigantic family), “Ma, niente c’insignasti a to maritu di lu sicilianu?”  “But, haven’t you taught your husband any Sicilian???”  Of course, Rick wanted to know what she just asked and so I translated for him.  Before I could say another word, he proudly said what little Sicilian I have taught him:

Pirito, Piriti, Pirita, Piritamo, Piritaro, Piritano
(Basically, much to the shock of all present, Rick just flawlessly conjugated “to fart” in the Sicilian dialect!).  I got soundly scolded for teaching him such vulgar language, but the whole time, I was totally cracking up inside!  Rick, it turned out, is an amazing student.. Perfect pronunciation, perfect conjugation!

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11 Responses to “Taormina, Sicily”

  1. Helen Anne Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Fran. It brings tears to my eyes. I bet when you are in Italy you feel like I do about Ireland- the deep sense of grounding of a place that your heart knows through generations of family. There is no denying this connection no matter how far away we live from our loved ones. What a special journey for you and your sister. I must see Italy someday!


    • frangallo Says:

      Helen Anne, you could not have said it better! You know what it is like to go back to the mother land. Nora and I feel so happy here. Just sitting at a sidewalk cafe with our morning coffee right now, taking in the spirit of this ancient land.


  2. Rick Says:

    Brings tears, Frannie! So much color, warmth, and beauty!

    He whose grammar e buono and speaking niente,



  3. Bev Says:

    Ditto, Ditto, Fran. So beautiful and what a fun time you are having with your sister!! Enjoy. Ciao!! Bev


  4. marykay Says:

    Love “virtual” travelling with your viewpoint and eye for exquisite beauty and deep connection! Thank You..marykay


  5. Karin Bigman Says:

    Awesome! I miss you guys so much !

    Karin Bigman, M.D.


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Karin, Nora and I just left Sicily and we are now at our hotel in Rome, leaving for the states tomorrow! No internet access anywhere in our little village of Grotte! What an amazing adventure. I will blog more and check your blog too when I get back! I miss you so much. What an amazing adventure this has been. love, Fran


  6. Joe Stapinski Says:

    Great story and I can picture Rick conjugating “Fart” in Italian and all the family members staring in disbelief. Classic. Cioa


  7. enza00@aol.com Says:

    Love the slide show! Thanks Fran for sharing! Salutti a tutti!


  8. Nora Brown Says:

    Creating memories with you Fran, I feel so connected to this beautiful place, my birthplace, Sicily. So glad we were able to have this special time together! The photos are beautiful.


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