Umbria Yoga Retreat!

Want to feel beautiful?  Come to a yoga retreat in Umbria, Italy!  I just got back to the states yesterday and am still basking in the warmth of the Italian sun and the Italian people!  The retreat was a complete success.  It was very special to have my sister Nora there and to be with so many friends, to deepen friendships, and to make new friends.

I didn’t have a lot of spare time to blog during  the retreat and while I was in Italy, so the next few days will be devoted to putting together some words and photos about my experience.  As I put the following 6 minute slideshow together, I relived the warmth and happiness I felt with the retreat participants.  I had a very mixed level group of yogis and am pleased to say that everyone was able to work to their ability and not feel like they were doing too much or not enough.  We did yoga on the lush villa grounds, on the island of Isola Maggiore on Lake Trasimeno,  and in the Apennine Mountains at 5000 feet in a meadow surrounded by forest.  Each yoga session felt extraordinary and it felt so wonderful to breathe in the fresh air and take in the magic of Italy.

My group was hearty, easy going, lovely, and very open to new experiences.  I look at the photos in this slideshow and see all the participants’ beautiful faces.  Their smiles ignite my soul.  Want to look and feel beautiful on the inside and out?  Yes, come to Italy!   Happiness and beauty everywhere, sunshine and the best food on earth, and people who make you feel as if you are a part of their family await you!  I will definitely be offering this retreat at the Villa Visentium in Umbria in September 2013.  As soon as I have a date, I will post it on my web site and send that information out in a newsletter!

This is the first of a few follow up blogs about the Italy yoga retreat and my experience in Italy in general.  Be sure to watch on full screen.

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2 Responses to “Umbria Yoga Retreat!”

  1. marykay Says:

    BRAVO! Welcome back…the smiles say it all!


  2. Nora Brown Says:

    Fran, thank you for this amazing retreat! I felt the warmth of the Italian sun and the people. The photos capture the joy and warmth that we felt while in this beautiful villa and all of our adventures throughout the week. I am so proud of you and you’re still my favorite yoga teacher, love you!


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