Mouthwatering Goodness

Thought I would put together a slideshow/collage of various delicious foods I ate while in Italy (either at the retreat or in Vernazza, Taormina, or with my Sicilian relatives).  I don’t always take enough photos of food, but this time I took more than usual.  The food at the retreat was out of this world delicious and the food in Sicily is “indimenticabile“, that is to say, unforgettable!  I am talking about food so good, it can make you cry!
Recipes for the Sicilian Froscia (frittata) and the Sicilian bean soup, Maccu Maccu, coming soon in a blog!

Warning:  This is a Food Festival in Photos.   Don’t watch this if you are hungry.  And don’t be surprised if you drool.  Maybe you will be inspired to eat a nice dish of pasta for dinner tonight!  Sit back, turn up the volume and let the photos from this collage unfold!

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