Umbria Yoga Part II

Seems that I am finally catching up with the last two parts of Umbria Yoga blog posts (one month later!).   Ecco, Part 2.  You will notice that the list of one-minute held poses below can be modified or substituted by  simpler suggested poses.  The sequence is incredibly beneficial.  If pressed for time, you can omit some poses or you can do the sequence by holding each pose for only half a minute.  The poses are powerful and very symmetrical leaving you feeling quite balanced physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally.  This sequence leaves you feeling peaceful.  Your body will hum with delight!

A) Movements to a breath sequence:  tadasana, hands overhead (inhale), forward bend (exhale), extended forward bend (inhale), come to standing hands overhead (inhale), , tadasana (exhale)

Do as many rounds of the above as you like until you feel warmed up and connected to your breathing.

B) Sun salutations:  one regular round without variations and another round which includes strengthening poses such as a twist from Warrior I with arms outspread, warrior 2, side planks, cobra with ankles crossed

C) Sun Salutations are followed by these asanas, which are each held for one-minute.  The minute-held poses below are in Sanskrit followed by English:

1) Supta Baddha Konasana/Bound Angle Pose:  lying on back with knees bent and feet touching each other,  outside feet touch the floor

2) Kurmasana/ Tortoise Pose   seated in bound angle and round the back, fold forward and try to bring head to feet  (can go more advanced by extending legs to a “V” and slip arms under legs)

3) Supta Virasana/  Reclining Hero Pose (or simplify by stretching one quad at a time)

4) Dhanurasana/ Bow Pose (or half bow or easier yet, quad stretch)

5) Ananda Balasana/ Happy Baby Pose (or extend legs wide to stretch inner thighs while lying on the back)

6) Urdhva Dhanurasana/ Full Back Bend/Wheel Pose (or bridge pose again or cobra)

7) Bakasana/ Crow (or Malasana/ Squat)

8) Ardha Adho Mukha Vrksasana/ Half Handstand at the wall (body forms a 90 degree angle at the wall by walking the feet up the wall)  Since we were outside for most yoga sessions and we did not have a wall, we did half handstand in pair work by coming up against someone in downward facing dog!

9) Balasana/ Child’s pose

10) Sirsasana/ Headstand at the wall

11) Anahatasana (like child’s pose but the hips are up in the air)

12) Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana/ Dolphin Pose (think downward facing dog on the elbows rather than on hands)

13) Inversion: Pincha Mayurasana/ Peacock Pose or also known as Forearm stand (to modify can repeat dolphin pose)

14) Salabhasana/ Locust Pose (on belly, lift both legs or lift one leg at a time..very difficult to hold full locust for one full minute)

15) Halasana/ Plow Pose

16) Matysasana/ Fish Pose  (or you can lie on your back over a rolled towel or blanket under the shoulder blades)

17) Nakarasana/ Crocodile Pose (lie on belly and lift both arms and legs at the same time)

18) Ananda Balasana/ Happy Baby Pose

19) Adho Mukha Vrksasana  Handstand  (or can modify by working on wall splits: downward facing dog with heels to the wall, then lift one leg up the wall)

20) Balasana/ Child’s Pose

21) Ustrasana/ Camel Pose

22) Shasankasana/ Hare or Rabbit Pose

23) Shavasana/ Corpse Pose

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2 Responses to “Umbria Yoga Part II”

  1. steve Says:

    That’s a recipe I can follow. Shanti


    • frangallo Says:

      Steve, I hadn’t thought of sequences like recipes before this, though I have always thought of the yoga practice and eating a wholesome meal as nourishment for body and soul! Fran


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