Autumn in Seattle: November 7

Just before I left home to walk over to Yogalife Studio at Green Lake, I thought to grab my camera!  Lucky grab! How many times have I been on my way to teach and wonder why I left my camera behind?  The route I take is most scenic. I go past the Woodland Park Zoo, past the rose garden, through Woodland Park, and halfway around Green Lake.

It was 3:30 pm and the sun was low in the sky as I reached the lake. The few remaining leaves clinging to the trees looked like they were on fire as they caught the sunlight.  The billowy clouds against blue sky reflected on the wind-rippled lake.  I stopped a few times to take these shots at the risk of being late for my 4 pm class.  Looking at these images from today, I think taking these photos was well worth the risk of being late.  As is, I made it to class at 3:55 pm, with five minutes to spare!

my favorite shot

my favorite shot number 2


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4 Responses to “Autumn in Seattle: November 7”

  1. kay Says:

    Nice commute, Fran! neighborhood forest bathing, then yoga, then more bathing on the way home!


  2. Rick Says:




  3. Stephanie Says:

    I just read about forest bathing in the latest issue of Outside magazine! Great pics Fran!


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