Umbrella Culture

My new umbrella cost more than your average umbrella and was worth every penny I paid for it.  It has wind-release vents and can resist up to 55 mile per hour winds!  It folds up and can fit into a handbag. It has a life time warranty.  Tried and true, two can walk comfortably under it and shoulders stay dry.  It is a must-have for Seattle.

My new umbrella is huge!  People see me coming and clear a path.

Though my new umbrella would be in shreds if exposed to Sandy, it does resist the winds of downtown Seattle!  I’ll never have to play the fool again by having a gust of wind turn my umbrella inside out.  No more  broken umbrella ribs rendered forever useless.

My new umbrella keeps me dry. I am now free of my heavy hooded rain coat and will only wear it when I feel like it.

Yesterday, people at the bus shelter huddled avoiding sheets of rain.  They did not budge when I stood nearby.  My umbrella, they figured, was shelter enough.

My new umbrella weighs a ton!  I’ll never accidentally leave it behind, even if the sun breaks through clouds, for I would miss its weight instantly!

Fran and Zia Tota in Belgium 4 years ago.  My new umbrella puts this one to shame in its sturdiness!


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