Yoga in Delhi!

First full day of the tour!  Our group is great and I am really pleased to be with everyone!  We started the day with yoga on the terrace of our hotel.  The wind today was strong and constant.  One of the hotel employees, who also works as a personal trainer, came out with weights to hold my flying mat down!  Then, when he wasn’t working with his clients, he would come and join us for a yoga pose.  I had to speak loudly as I taught because I was competing with the wind!

During today’s class we focused on strengthening asanas (postures) to build self-confidence.  As you can imagine, we did boat pose, horse pose, and chair pose to name a few.  Aji, the trainer, took it upon himself to start helping me when the class went into shavasana!  Without my asking him to, Aji started putting towels under everyone’s heads and, while I was going around stretching necks and shoulders, he was also going around turning everyone’s head to the side.  Not sure why he did that, but honestly,  nice as he was, he was starting to drive me nuts.  I don’t even know this guy and he is trying to adjust everyone in shavasana!  I then had to go around and realign everyone’s heads.  I will have to have a small chat with Aji tomorrow.  When it came time to end the session, he asked me if I was going to Om with the class and I told him that I always do.  Then he said, “How many Oms will you do?”  “Three.”  “No, Miss.  You must do five!”  Five oms it was!

Here are a few photos from today’s yoga.  Will try to blog more after dinner about today’s tour.

Boat pose on the terrace, wind and all!

Boat pose on the terrace, wind and all!

One of five oms, as Aji suggested!

One of five oms, as Aji suggested!


7 Responses to “Yoga in Delhi!”

  1. andre Deklaver Says:

    Fran Thank you so much for keeping us posted since our I messages don’t work your wonderful blogs with photos are most welcome. Give my love to Tone—saw her on the picture in her first Yoga session. Have a great trip.—-Andre—Tone’s husband


    • frangallo Says:

      Thank you, Andre! So glad you can follow the blog! Tone is doing great and having a wonderful time. We have a great group and head out to Rajasthan today. flying to Jodhpur. Fran


  2. Herb Says:

    How funny. I put a three fold blanket under my head for shavasana, but that’s not mandatory. And “you MUST do five!” Wow. You got a controller there. Ask him if he does Iyengar.


  3. Karin Bigman Says:

    Looks fabulous !!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. frangallo Says:

    Miss you and wish you were here!!! love, Fran Off to fly to Jaipur today with the group…Rajasthan here we come.


  5. Nora Brown Says:

    Looking at these photos makes me miss your yoga classes! Love ya!


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