Rum Party

We left Jaipur early this morning and drove 112 miles to Ranthambore, the tiger reserve.  The drive took about 5 and a half hours and we drove past villages and green fields dotted with farmers. I wish I had more time to blog about the drive and today, but my roommate is already trying to sleep and I should also get some sleep before tomorrow’s tiger safari!

I met a man today, Navine from Delhi, who had just come back from seeing a tiger at the reserve!  He had the fanciest camera ever and the photos he showed us were most exquisite!

Please, let us see a tiger tomorrow!

Highlights of today include driving through the villages and jungle, seeing happy faces wave to us on our gigantic bus as we drove along narrow rural roads, stopping at the English Wine and Beer Shop to stock up on rum, whiskey, and wine.  Arvind invited us over to his room for a Rum Party at 7 pm. I went, and even though, I didn’t drink, I had a blast!

India can be pretty intense. I think everyone was in need of a drink!

Oh, and before the Rum Party and Dinner, I led a yoga session on the terrace overlooking the tiger reserve.  It was warm as we practiced our yoga and we were treated to the most beautiful sunset as we did yoga outside!  How will we ever go back to doing yoga indoors?

Tomorrow morning, we will get up at 5:30 am for the morning safari! Daytime temps were 80 today, so I jumped into the pool and soaked in some sun! Night temps can dip to 48 degrees. It will be cold in the morning. The open air safari vehicles provide blankets!

Will post this fun slideshow and off to sleep I go, with a hot water bottle at my feet (courtesy of Dev Vilas Resort!).

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2 Responses to “Rum Party”

  1. Rick Says:

    Fabulous, funny, and frothy!



    • frangallo Says:

      Birth of a new tradition: Arvind never had rum parties before his last tour. During his last tour, he had a group of elderly Americans (in their 80’s, eldest was 88!!) and they wanted rum every evening…and he realized that the rum parties in his room added a special something to his tours!


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