Step On It

The group has left.  Arvind, Kelley, and I stood outside the Royal Plaza Hotel and watched the last bus leave for the airport at 9 pm.  We then went back to the lobby of the hotel.  Arvind was really sad to say goodbye to the group.  At least Kelley and I live in Seattle and we will be able to see everyone from our group easily.  We unsuccessfully tried to cheer up Arvind.

He explained, “You see, in two weeks we became a family and now I feel my family has left me.”

After  about 15 minutes, Arvind suggested we go up to his room to talk in a more quiet and private space than the lobby.  I figured I would stay about another half an hour and then get a taxi to go back to the Likir House where I am staying for the next four nights.  When we got to Arvind’s room, he took off his shoes and put his slippers on.  I looked around for my luggage, which I had stowed away in his room for the day since I had checked out at noon.  “Arvind, where’s my luggage?”  “It’s right there!”  He pointed to a piece of luggage which was NOT mine.  “That’s not my bag!  My luggage has a blue ribbon on it and is navy blue.”  We realized that the hotel staff had grabbed the wrong luggage from Arvind’s room (where everyone had stowed away their luggage for the day) and that my luggage must be on the way to the Delhi International Airport with the group.  In fact, I had Peggy’s luggage!  Arvind’s adrenaline went into overdrive and he immediately took action. His eyes got super big and he started shouting out orders.  “Quickly!  We must get to the airport to switch the luggage!  I will call the driver and ask the group to wait at the curbside for us to arrive. JALO!  Let’s go at once!”

In no time at all, all three of us were in a cab, rushing to the airport to switch the luggage.  I jokingly told our turbaned Sikh cabbie to “step on it” and Kelley nearly choked!  I never thought he’d actually understand that expression, but he did!  Zoom!!  We made the 45 minute drive in less than half an hour.  As Arvind was taking Peggy’s luggage out of the car, Kelley said, “Oh, Fran!  Look what Arvind’s wearing!”  He was wearing the white slippers from the Royal Plaza Hotel!  Kelley and I started giggling uncontrollably, though Arvind didn’t find this funny.  We quickly did the luggage exchange and we got to say goodbye to the group again!

Sorry no photos of the slippers….

I am now at this humble abode, the Likir House run by Tibetans girls, owned by the Dalai Lama’s sister-in-law.  I am afraid I have grown used to a more luxurious life these past two weeks and this room now seems cell-like, spartan, and plain.  But, at least, I have my luggage, dirty laundry and all!  Will have my laundry done tomorrow.  Anita comes in at 6 pm tomorrow, so I have much of the day to relax and catch up on the more blog posts about some Indian experiences I would still like to blog about.

For now, here is a photo collage from our last day in Delhi with the group.  This is especially for Kelley’s dad who told me over the phone how much he enjoyed the last photo collage! Be sure to watch on FULL SCREEN and turn up the VOLUME.   Stay tuned for more blog posts about this past two week tour with daily yoga:

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6 Responses to “Step On It”

  1. filmcamera999 Says:

    Reblogged this on filmcamera999.


  2. Rick Says:

    Laughed uproariously at the slipper story! What a wrap-up!



    • frangallo Says:

      It was hysterical! Just woke up at the Likir House where WiFi is FREE and strong! It is in a cute little bustling area of Delhi and I will go and venture out today since Anita doesn’t arrive until 6 pm. YEAH, more time to blog and talk to the Tibetan girls.


  3. Bev Says:

    Ditto what Rick said, and I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blogging and look forward to the ones to come. Your blogs, Fran, make me feel like I’m there with you. Love, Bev


    • frangallo Says:

      Bev! I am so PLEASED that you are enjoying my blog. Perhaps experiencing India vicariously is the easiest way to experience India, but being here is mind boggling. It’s the good and the bad, the amazing and the terrible bundled up tightly and thrown your way full force. On this, my 4th trip to India, I feel as if I was able to catch the bundle and hold on to it. My group did a great job of being open to a one of the kind experience India offers and had great experiences and NO ONE got Delhi Belly.
      I feel your presence and will think of you as I walk the streets of Delhi today, love, Fran


  4. steve Says:

    Thank you Fran. I enjoyed my trip very much; I am amazed at how much you are able to blog while traveling, being a photo journalist, yoga teacher, and group leader. Your energy is inspiring. May the rest of your travels be glorious and safe!


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