Rajasthan, India 2013 Slideshow

I returned from India yesterday!  It will take me weeks, perhaps months to process my experiences in India.  I will continue to post a few more blog entries on the India experience for days to come, so stay tuned.

Enjoy this slide show I put together from the Rajasthan Tour with Daily Yoga.  Sit back for about a few minutes and feast your eyes on the vast sheer beauty that is India.  Be sure to watch on FULL SCREEN and TURN UP THE VOLUME on your computer.



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8 Responses to “Rajasthan, India 2013 Slideshow”

  1. Kathleen Conroy Says:

    Spectacular photos Fran. You’ve got such a great eye, and are a wonderful story teller. Glad it was a great trip. And when are we going in Feb ’14? 🙂


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Kathleen, The trip in February 2014 is from Feb 15-March 1st. Arvind is pricing out the hotels right now so I should have a budget some time soon after March 10. It will be two weeks in Varanasi, staying at ONE place, one beautiful hotel right on the Ganges with yoga twice daily and day trips and lectures with Arvind daily. So happy you will join us for that trip. It will be amazing!!! love, Fran


  2. Steven Gray Says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Fran! I hope it is ok that I sent it on to a friend whom I know will enjoy it as much as I did. Very nice photography and presentation. The subject matter is enthralling!

    –Steven Gray


  3. Barbara Mathewson Says:

    Fran – WOW, you truly captured the beauty of India. I have never seen such lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing them – I am ready to go….when can I sign up?

    Barbara Mathewson 🙂


    • frangallo Says:

      Thank you, Barbara!! I will let you know when the next trip will be. I do know that we will offer the same Rajasthan trip in 2015 (two years from now in February…which seems like an eternity from now). Rajasthan is so very colorful and beautiful, filled with beautiful people with a fascinating culture and history. It was good to see you today! Namaste, Fran


  4. Jenny Chapin Says:

    hi fran,
    i was sent your newsletter by a mutual friend and was looking forward to seeing the slide show – i was in rajasthan 3 years ago – but when i clicked on it was told it’s not available. any hints?


    • frangallo Says:

      Hi Jenny, What a sort of fiasco…right when I sent out my Newsletter with all the links that send us back to WordPress and Smilebox Slideshows linked up to WordPress, Smile box decided to update. Here is what they said to me “Our servers are being upgraded. Old creations will be available for playback again tomorrow”

      So PLEASE try again tomorrow, and I will do the same. Hopefully, everything will work. If I had known about the upgrade, I would have waited to send out the Newsletter. Namaste, Fran


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