Short Visit to Dubai

Kelley and I flew back to Seattle together.  I still can see Arvind and Renu waving goodbye to us at the Varanasi airport.  Long after we said goodbye and were already in the check in line, I would turn back and could still see Arvind and Renu standing outside their car, waving.  It broke my heart to say goodbye to them.

Then off to Dubai we went, where we had one full day to explore the vibrant, modern, ultra clean city of Dubai.  Kelley’s friend, Karan, lives there with his wife, Sneha, and his family.  Sneha and her sister own a thriving bakery, Sugaholic.  Sneha took the day off to show us the city of Dubai!  We had a great time getting to know her.   I met Karan for the first time and really enjoyed meeting him and his mother Mona, father Mahesh, and sister Sonam. In no time at all, they opened their home to us, made us feel heartily welcome, made us feel like family!

Here are some photos from shopping center of the universe, home of the tallest building in the world, and the most culturally shocking place to be after spending one month in India:  Dubai!

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