Feel Good Yoga


Thursday’s fundraiser for Arvind’s village school in India was a great success.  The event took place in Shoreline, Washington at Kelley and Jack’s beautiful home.  Arvind had just arrived from India two days prior to the fundraiser, but was in top form and gave a wonderful presentation.  I had the best time teaching the outdoor yoga session and felt so much love for everyone present, especially when I went around and pressed on shoulders as the yoga class participants lay in shavasana for deep relaxation.

The early evening  setting was perfect for yoga:  sun rays beamed on us, shade provided comfort to those who wanted to be shielded from the sun, and everyone was smiling.  As I taught the yoga session, I could almost see the Indian school children back in the village near Varanasi attending school, eager and excited to LEARN, thrilled at the opportunity to better themselves and their families.  This is Feel Good Yoga:  doing yoga to raise funds and awareness for something very meaningful, educating rural children in India.  We were all gathered to celebrate education and to give generously to Arvind’s school, a school that provides educational opportunities to poor village children, including girls and boys of all castes.

I want to shout out a great big THANK YOU to everyone who came to cook, share, help out, and support Arvind’s school.

We had a wonderful gathering of educators and people who love the idea of helping to establish and maintain a school in India.  I found myself wanting to talk to everyone, especially these colorful characters (Bob, Maggie, and Myron!):


Angel and Allison did an amazing job of organizing and running the silent auction:


Lots of opportunity to shop and take part in the silent auction (Indian silks and precious woolen textiles)!


Chillin’ out:


Old friends, new friends, a great gathering:

L1210141 L1210140 (1) L1210143

Rick took this photo of me teaching the group yoga…I crack myself up…my arms outstretched as everyone is doing a lying twist….the best part are the sunbeams raining down on us:


And YES!!! Always so good to see Arvind!



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