REDIRECTING you to my new blog!

Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflower Bouquet

As if moving to Ocean Shores was not enough of a HUGE change to my life, I also have a new website and a new blog site! My blog is now a part of my website! If you are a subscriber to my blog, your subscription has been transferred over and you will continue to receive my blogs as you have in the past.

This is the last post from this site….August 18, 2013

If you are not a subscriber and only occasionally check in to have a look at my blog posts, I am now redirecting you to the following link:

Visist my new blog (easier than ever to subscribe!, looks identical to this one!):

And if you are interested in seeing my newly revamped website, here is the link:

My new website:

MY BLOG:  Northwest Washington hikes, colorful family stories, my Sicilian roots, travels, coastal living, humor, adventures and retreats to Italy and India, travels and observations, teaching yoga, yoga philosophy and applying it to real life, nature and wildlife, poetry, being human, embracing wholeness, spreading light, sharing recipes, beautiful photography, creative writing, vegetable gardening and flower gardening, and MORE coming your way from FranGallo’s blog!

Rick and Fran enjoying a beautiful moment in the SUN!

Rick and Fran enjoying a beautiful moment in the SUN! Summer 2013


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