Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

A few days ago, Rick, Joon, and I went to Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.   We had a great walk.


The last time Rick and I were there was last summer.  We had just dropped off my sisters at the airport and then headed to the Nisqually Basin to do some birdwatching.  That day last year, Rick lost his camera.  We think it happened at the refuge, after hours of walking around and photographing birds and landscape.  A typical Northwestern Washington summer,  that day had started out cool.  However, at the end of our walk and photographic journey, the day was warming up and when we got to our car, Rick placed his camera on top of the car in order to take his sweatshirt off.  Well, we think the camera stayed on top of the car as we got into the car.  He didn’t notice it missing until two and a half hours later, when we arrived at Ocean Shores.  We made a few phone calls and Rick actually drove back in search of the camera, which he never found.

This time, he had his new camera and it was another fine day.  Oh, by the way, we now have a new rule: no more placing anything on top of the car.  My camera isn’t great for capturing birds because I don’t have much of a zoom lens.  So, instead of focusing on birds, I focus on landscapes and flowers! (have you noticed?)

A few miles of boardwalk over marshes

A few miles of boardwalk over marshes

Interesting landscape

Interesting landscape

wild lupine in bloom

wild lupine in bloom

Our sightings:

Barn Swallows

Common Yellow Throat

Canada Geese


Wood Ducks

Red-Winged Blackbirds


Marsh Wren


Blue-billed Duck


….and a  blue striped racer (snake)

Canadian goose sits near the path and hisses at us

A Canada goose sat near the path and hissed at me after I took this photo.


Lupine and Insect

Lupine and Beetle

Nisqually lupine beauty

Nisqually lupine beauty



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