Sicily Food

Simply put FOOD IS LOVE.

Food comes from the earth and to love food is to love the earth.

Food is culture, a story on your plate that unveils thousands of years of history.

Sicily is known as the SPICE OF ITALY.

Sicily today is the product of a melting pot of ancient civilizations.  The ancient Romans referred to her as their “bread basket” because her fertile soil fed the Roman legions.  Sicilian food is a unique blend of the ancient civilizations that, over the years, dominated this crown jewel that sits in the Mediterranean Sea.

Most photos taken of my childhood were taken at the table:  Franny with two missing front teeth sitting at the table smiling at daddy’s camera, ma proudly holding a pan of lasagna -ready to serve her five daughters a meal of love that will feed their souls long after she is gone.

Sicilian food can make you cry.

Food is nourishment for the body and soul.

Photos of food can make you hungry.

Be forewarned:  after viewing this slideshow, you will want to eat, you will want to fill your soul with goodness, you will want to live in Sicily.  You will no longer care if you are fat or thin, you will just want to be happy and filled with the goodness that earth produces and the love that is poured into every bite you eat.

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