Little Si

Little Si… or maybe this blog post should be titled Little Sigh/Big Sigh.  It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I still have so many topics I’d like to write about, but writing creatively seems to be a great luxury these days.  Since I got back from India one month ago, I have worked 22 days.  Add another move to yet another apartment into the stew and you have a nearly overwhelmed person entirely focused on keeping her nose to the grinder.

Breathe In Breathe's a game of balance!

When working this much, sleep becomes very important.  I take a nice warm shower before going to bed and snuggle in for the night.  Nothing can wake me up except the alarm clock going off in in the wee hours of the morning.   Another key to staying balanced is to make sure I eat well-balanced meals.  Sometimes I fall behind in my reading, blogging, keeping up with emails and phone communications, but sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated are key to staying healthy.  Practicing yoga is also a mainstay that is always a part of me.

I have an office and my own yoga space in this new apartment.  I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have my own office space within our new apartment.  I think I will be able to buckle down to blogging again, planning out 2016 yoga retreats (yes, I have to think ahead in retreat planning), and to working on a new writing project (more on the writing project later).

Little Sigh/Big Sigh and Little Si..the latter refers to a hike I did today.  Little Si is almost 5 miles long.  It was a pleasant day and the predicted rain didn’t start coming down until we were at the end of our hike, about 5 minutes from the car.  And it felt so good to move and breathe in the forest air.  It is delightful to see Winnie smelling ferns and trees along the path.  She puts her nose up to the sky and sniffs the air.  She reminds me to be in the moment, to enjoy every step along the way, to slow down.

Little Si hike

Take a breather...catch your breath

Moss covered boulders

Don't forget to stay hydrated!

"A tired dog is a happy dog!" (after the hike on the way home)


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