Why I Love Iceland

I love Iceland for its people who are sincere, open-minded,  free-spirits, honest, laid-back, creative, kind, funny, and gentle.  I love Iceland for its diverse geography.  We saw everything from blue glacial waterfalls, colorful lichen, black lava rock beaches, wide continental rifts, precariously balanced boulders, a crater lake, soothing hot springs, smoking volcanoes, steaming geysers, bubbling fumaroles, fast flowing rivers, green fields, treeless mountains, and massive glaciers to wild cliffs and moss growing on lava rocks!  How is that for a long descriptive sentence?

Sweet Icelandic horses and woolly sheep adorn the country side.  Within one day, we could experience sunshine, dramatic clouds, hail, rain, dew, gusts of wind, and rainbows.  And the Northern Lights!  Yes, for the first time in my life, I saw the deep-night light-show up in the sky looking like a fantastic laser show.  Wow!

And where else do you have Little People and Hidden People living happily among the mossy rocks and hills and villages?

Add to this magic, two groups of yogis with whom I would gladly travel the world!  Each individual did their part to make this trip truly unforgettable!

I believe the slideshow will continue to vouch for Iceland’s intense beauty.  The photos are mostly mine, though some were taken by fellow yoga retreat participants.  The photos combine Week I and II retreats.

View on full screen if possible.

Turn up the volume to hear some music from the Icelandic group, Sigur Ros.  The music is very evocative of Iceland’s spirit.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

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