Savoring Sayulita’s Sweetness

Vacation came and went. We got what we sought: a much needed vacation, a getaway to our favorite place in Mexico, Sayulita, a reward for working so hard during the rest of the year. The twelve days melted by as we relaxed in the Mexican sunshine. My sister Nora and brother-in-law John joined us this year so we got to share our special place with them.


We have been going to Sayulita every other year for some time now and we noted how much the place has changed over the years. Sayulita has been discovered. People come in droves to relax on the beach, to soak in the sun, to surf, to enjoy Mexican beer and Margaritas, and to eat fresh fish, fruit, and vegetables. The downside of discovery is that the small fishing village is no longer quiet. The quiet has been replaced with cars squeezing by narrow roads, trucks kicking up dust on dirt roads, construction sounds everywhere as new casitas and villas are being built, Mexican tourists coming in by the busloads and carloads from Mexico City and other cities from the country, and by many foreign tourists, mostly from the USA and Canada, aiming to get some respite from frigid northern winters.

The upside of discovery is a deluge of great restaurants and more services to make one’s stay more comfortable. While our discovered fishing village is filled with throngs of tourists, it still remains sweet and special for us. The flora is gorgeous as ever. Palm trees sway in the wind and brightly colored tropical flowers still dazzle the eye. The iguanas still lurk overhead in the salate trees (a kind of ficus tree) minding their own business, and gekkos still make their sweet chirping sounds. They are the good guys in my book for they eat their fill of mosquitoes.

I was pleased to go on long walks early mornings with my sister, before the dust-kicking barrage of rattling trucks ground their way up the hills to various construction sites along our idyllic path. On our walks up the hillside, where we gained spectacular views of the bay, we delighted in seeing gorgeous tropical birds. Bright blue birds with long blue feathery tails, their tails bigger than the birds’ bodies, yellow-bellied birds, green parrots, and chacalacas (very large birds reminding me of pheasants in character and size) were everywhere on our morning walking trail.

How quickly the body adjusts to warmth. And now that we are back home, to freezing temperatures, again I see how quickly my body adjusts to the cold. In Mexico, I delighted in wearing shorts and t-shirts. And yet, this morning, I delighted in putting on my sweater, scarf, and other warm clothing.

It is New Year’s Eve as I post this slide show of Sayulita. I am grateful for a wonderful year 2015! Thank you for your continued readership! Turn up the volume and sit back and savor Sayulita’s sweetness:

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