About Fran

I live a bit of a split life, teaching hatha yoga Monday through Thursday in Seattle and spending Friday through Sunday at my coastal home in Ocean Shores, WA, where I do lots of gardening and beach walks.

My husband Rick and I built our home/sanctuary in Ocean Shores in 1999.  It’s a place where I can breathe in the pure ocean air, watch the storms come in off the Pacific, star gaze, read, watch films, and do long yoga practice sessions.  We call our coastal home Little Renaissance.

I hold yoga retreats at Little Renaissance, within the US, and abroad.  I love to travel and I speak a few foreign languages.  I see life as a continual learning process.

I have been teaching yoga since 1996 and I love the community I am a part of through my yoga practice and teaching.  I have met the most wonderful people through yoga.

This blog provides me an opportunity to share my thoughts on various topics of interest and to reflect on the intricacies and preciousness of daily life.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.  Fran    http://www.FranGallo.com


One Response to “About Fran”

  1. Halina Stolar Says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me! I enjoyed reading about life through your eyes.

    I love the opportunities I’ve had to get to know you outside of a yoga studio. Little Renaissance and Pantelleria are both precious memories of a time when I felt free, protected, and valued as a person. You are amazing and you’re an inspiration to me.

    Love and namaste.


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